Eyelash Extension Adhesive and Formaldehyde

In recent eyelash extension adhesive news…..

As a trained, certified and licensed eyelash enhancement studio, we at EyeDeux take this “Xtreme-ly” serious and thought we should share.

Notes from Jo Mousselli, Registered Nurse, CEO, President, and Co-Founder of Xtreme Lashes:

Does Xtreme Lashes add formaldehyde to its eyelash extension adhesives?
Statement 1
“We DO NOT add formaldehyde to ANY of our adhesives. Furthermore, our FlexFusion Adhesive is both hypoallergenic and medical-grade.”

Statement 2
“Formaldehyde is NOT an added ingredient in any Xtreme Lashes adhesives. Our adhesives are made using the same properties and ingredients found in medical-grade adhesives. Medical-grade adhesives are used by surgeons to close wounds without stitches, a practice called suture-less wound closure. Additionally, Our FlexFusion line of adhesives are hypoallergenic, medical grade, and manufactured at a US-based, FDA registered facility that specializes in medical adhesives.

There is a very, very low chance that during the degradation process, after the drop of adhesive has been dispensed from the bottle, a miniscule amount of formaldehyde ‘may’ be produced. This is true of all cyanoacrylate adhesives- including those used in the medical industry to close wounds without sutures. Please note that we teach our Lash Stylists to change the adhesive drop every 15 minutes and to discard the bottle every three months after opening. Having said this, if formaldehyde is released, the chance is very, very small and the amount is very, very minuscule.”

Do eyelash extension adhesives or eyelash extension applications cause infections?
“Infections are caused by pathogens: infectious microorganisms such as bacterias, viruses, fungus/yeast, and parasites. Xtreme Lashes adhesives are developed under strict sanitary and hygienic conditions. Additionally, our Lash Stylists are trained to perform safe, sanitary, and hygienic application techniques, using single-use disposable application products to prevent contamination and the spread of infectious organisms from one person to another through cross-contamination.

The only application tools that are NOT disposable are the tweezers, scissors, and adhesive trays which can be disinfected and sanitized with solutions such as Barbicide┬«. Furthermore, we train our Lash Stylists to segment lash extensions from lash trays, using designated clean scissors, and to apply the lash segments to a clean and single-use disposable sponge prior to the application to prevent cross-contamination.”

In addition to the information above, please feel free to post this link of our Health and Safety page on our website for additional information on this matter:

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Salon Spa Cell Phone Etiquette

We’ve seen these signs posted at the doctors office, bank, movie theater, some takeout counters and yes, it should be posted in the salon/spa!

As a hairstylist there were many times when a service had been interrupted by a client having to answer the phone..during a hair cut, at the shampoo bowl or during a color process. What does this do? Slows down the appointment and the time may go into someone else’s appointment. During a shampoo the phone could get wet!

In the Eye Deux studios we ask that everyone, clients and stylists, to turn the cell phone on SILENT or off completely. Upon entering the Studios you will find they are similar to a spa…soft sounds coming thru the speakers, relaxing aromas, comfy massage tables to lay on….you will not hear the ringtones from a cell phone!

Majority of the Eye Deux patrons go to SLEEP while getting their eyelash enhancements applied. Yes they go to sleep! So that you may enjoy this peaceful moment of the day we recommend that they cell phones are put away and indulge in the hour plus nap.

Another reason we ask to turn the cell phones off, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SEE WHO’S CALLING. Lash stylists have very sharp tweezers in their hands, use an extremely strong adhesive and have timed appointments…adding the secretary role is not a good idea.

Have you ever watched someones physical actions while they talk? Its magnified while laying on the massage table during the lash process. The constant movement of the eyes and shifting of the head/body also cause the appointment to go on longer than expected. In some cases this may mean less extensions are applied!

Get the most out of your appointments…enjoy this time where you are not asked “Mom whats for dinner, where is the…, can I have…, I need you to….”

From the clients point-of-view, I would not want someone to talk over my head while in the service chair/table. I want to know that I am this technicians priority during the appointment…

So I ask, does your salon/spa ask you to refrain from cell phone use during service? Does your stylist (hair, nails, barber, lashes) use their phone during your appointment?

Of course there are special circumstances where the phone must be nearby (for example, child with new babysitter!).  If so, inform your stylist BEFORE the start of the service.