Closer look at a Volume ReLash

The following pictures were taken to show that when applied correctly, the natural lashes will still grow with the extensions attached. During a relash/fill appointment, your trained/certified/licensed technician will GENTLY remove the old extensions and apply new ones.


This was taken during a volume ReLash appointment. The client had a 2D removed and replaced with a new 2D. (2D means two extensions attached to one natural lash, this was done using .07 diameter extensions)

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Eyelashes Grow with Semi-Permanent Extensions

It’s funny how ladies will notice their lashes shedding AFTER getting eyelash extensions! Your natural lashes, just like the rest of the hair on your body, goes through a growing/shedding cycle.

Natural lashes have a 60-90 day growth cycle. During that time, little “baby” hairs will mature to an “adult” length then eventually fall off. This still happens when you wear semi-permanent extensions.

*NOTICE-the semi-permanent extensions MUST be applied correctly in order to NOT cause damage. One extension per natural lash!*


This picture was taken during a ReLash or fill appointment. Young lady has been wearing Xtreme Lashes for MONTHS! The top picture is what your natural lash looks like with an extension that has grown. When the extensions are first applied, they are very close to the lid(about 1mm away).

The second picture shows the healthy natural lash…

The third picture is with a new extension attached. During a ReLash appointment, the eyelash technician will remove extensions that have grown out too long and replace with a new extensions.