Private Class with Vicky Martin

I am thankful to have had the opportunity to experience a two day class with the incredible Vicky Martin at the Nouveau Contour USA location in Orlando, FL.  She is the Owner of the creator of the Vicky Martin Method(tm) and the great practice breast molds.  I wanted to take this particular class for a few reasons…

2018-07-14 07.26.12

As some may know, my Beautiful Mother was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer in 2009.  She had a unilateral mastectomy and like many undergoing chemotherapy she lost majority of her hair.  In an effort to help my Mother and to possibly help others, I became trained and licensed in permanent cosmetics.  This allowed me to provide eyebrows to those who had none, this included more than just cancer warriors.  What fascinated me more was that after a mastectomy, some opted for areola and 3D nipple repigmentation.  Although I was able to give my Beautiful Mother her eyebrows, we were not able to do her areola.  She fought extremely hard while loving life until June 2016.

Since her passing, I have been even more determined to assist those who chose to have their areola and nipples recreated.  With further education, I have learned that this service helps cancer warriors, major weight loss heroes and many others who are in need of added pigment to recreate or enhance their areola and/or nipples.

I chose to take a class with Vicky Martin after looking into her product and message.  The practice breast mold is ideal for creating a 3D tattoo on a round skin-like surface.  With the removable skins you can create several areolas and nipples.  Since we had extra time at the end of the second day, some of us tattooed at least 3 areolas on one skin just by shifting it slightly.  Vicky’s class message is more than just about tattooing, it is about empowerment for yourself and your client on many levels.

2018-07-06 10.47.27


Upon completing the class, I feel even more confident in my own goals and purpose.  I am thankful to be able to be in a position of not only providing this service to my community, but to someday soon provide the art of creating the areola and 3D nipples to the classroom and to the rest of the world!  For some reason when I searched for pictures of this art I found very few of darker melanin.  Part of my goals is to bring awareness to the entire community that this IS an option, be it they are of a lighter or darker complexion, man or woman!
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Allergies & Allergic Reactions: Part 2

Part 2 of Eyelash Enhancements, Allergies and Allergic Reactions

Medical Tape

A large portion of the population (up to 15%) has severe allergies to medical tape and band aids. Many of these people are not aware of the allergy until they have lash extensions applied. The under eye stickers are similar to medical tape and the skin around the eyes is much more sensitive and sensitive than the skin on the rest of the body… This allergy can appear at any time. Symptoms can develop after years of using lash extensions or they can appear the first time the product is used. To rule out tape allergies, use no stickers or tape on these clients. For most people, gel pass are a good substitute, for others, a plastic mascara shield… Tape allergies squally present themselves to the whole eye area, not just redness and swelling along the upper lash line.

Please inform your certified lash stylist of ANY irritation during the eyelash extensions application and/or after you leave the studio. If you experience this during the application, your stylist should be able to stop and either adjust the tape/ pads or replace with a different material to make the appointment more relaxing. If you experience this AFTER the appointment, contact your lash stylist so that they may record this in your file and use another material during your next appointment.


Most Wanted Beauty Items of 2012

Xtreme Lashes® just released their list of their Most Wanted Beauty Products of 2012

According to Xtreme Lashes® founder, Jo Mousselli, RN, it’s their Best of GlideLiners® and Amplifeye Eyelash & Brow Fortifier®.


At the EyeDeux Studios, our Patrons agree with the Best of GlideLiners® and the original GlideLiners®. They have a gel technology which allows for a smooth application, they’re long-lasting and available in 7 different colors. The Best of GlideLiner® is a set of 3 small GlideLiners® in Xtreme Black®, Xpresso® and Black Pearl® which also includes a sharpener. Women have fallen in love with this mini set and have purchased them as stocking-stuffers over the Holidays!

Currently wearing XL extensions? No worries, these products are compatible for your eyelash extensions. Come by our Eye Deux Studios in Virginia Beach & Newport News to try it or purchase for yourself!

What are Knot Free Lashes

This is truly for the Lash Lovers… At home stylists, newbies and current lash stylists!

First, let’s understand what a cluster or tabb is. Clusters/tabbs (also called flares) are 8-10 hairs bunched and glued together. Some may confuse these with actual individual false lashes.

The clusters can come in various colors besides black and brown. Fortunately the lengths/sizes are pretty standard; under, short, medium and long….less confusion when its time to decide which lengths to use. Not all manufacturers have the unders (what I like to call x-short). It’s necessary to have all four lengths in order to achieve different styles.


Now, whats the difference between knot and knot-free lashes?! When the synthetic* hairs are glued together, a little knot is formed. The knot is where the eyelash adhesive will be placed before being applied to the natural lashes. Knot-free are the cluster of lashes still bunched together, yet the knot has been “flattened” so it appears seamless. (When using the adhesive, use a very small amount! A little goes a long way, plus this will help during the removal process)


When to use the knot-free lashes is based upon the individual person. The knot-free clusters do look more natural and are best for layering techniques. When it comes to makeup application(eyeshadow and eye liner) the knot-free lashes are slightly easier to clean.

Regardless of the type of cluster, it is important to know that these ARE heavy on the natural lashes. If worn LONG TERM with no breaks then the natural lashes will suffer. At Eye Deux we inform our Lash Lovers when it’s time to rest the natural lashes.

How to wear the clusters? Some may apply a full set, meaning the clusters are covering all of your natural lashes. A partial set may consist of just the outside corners (creating a cat-eye) or a few clusters added throughout your entire lash line (creating a little volume).

If you take a close look at most mascara ads, you will see these clusters! One major mascara brand states “lash inserts were used…”

* There are human hair cluster lashes available…they must say “100% NATURAL HUMAN HAIR”. If not, they are synthetic.

Summer Olympics 2012 Part 3

Congratulations to the US Women’s Track team DeeDee Trotter, Allyson Felix, Francena McCorory, and Sanya Richards-Ross. The ladies who won the Gold medal in the 4X400 relay race in London 2012 Olympics!


Here is one of the teams stars, DeeDee Trotter, who is also a model, wearing fancy eye makeup.
Was able to make out a running figure on the right side and a star on the left. If you’ve seen her run before you know she loves a little sparkle around the eyes!


Seems that Russia has made more news during the Summer Olympics 2012. This time it’s about their synchronized swimming uniforms, makeup and eyelashes!


While waiting for the next segment of the games to begin, Entertainment News (ET) reported about the Olympians, their makeup and fashion. Of course I was captured by their makeup comments. One of the commentators related the Russian uniforms to the character in the SAW movies…Oh My! The painted on lashes matching their swimsuits definitely sparked a conversation.