Beyond the Table

Look what we found in a recent newsletter from Xtreme Lashes !

“Every business spends a lot of time and effort to earn new customers. With so much put into getting a customer, keeping them happy and coming back is essential.

Often, it doesn’t take much to do this. Aside from the obvious things like being pleasant and professional, providing a few little extras can really “WOW” your clients.

At Virginia’s Eye Deux, clients who might forget a few things are taken care of! Directory Certified Lash Stylist Latoya Turner stocks her location with extra contacts cases, contacts solution and even feminine hygiene products!

Just thinking of things your clients might need when they’re visiting with you, and having them available for them, is simple and inexpensive, but can mean a great deal and keep them coming back to you for more! Great job, Latoya for going the extra mile!”