Happy Holidays & Happy New Year!



Seeing YOU in Advertisements


Out of curiosity, have you searched “eyelash extensions ” and viewed some of the pictures? While composing a photo shoot for the EyeDeux studios in Hampton Roads VA, I’ve noticed majority of the faces……are the same color! Where’s the diversity?!


While some lash stylists feel its ok to use corporate photos for their marketing, I question what these pictures are saying to your future clients.


I am quite disappointed when people ask, “what is your clientele like”? This tells me that they have seen very few pictures from major brands showing that women of all shapes, sizes AND ethnicities are able to get eyelash extensions.


At Eye Deux, we have made it a point to showcase not only the qualities mentioned above, but also different eye shapes and the eyelashes in their natural state. The before pictures are important especially to those who have weak, damaged, extremely curly, thin, downward pointing, short……..lashes. The after pictures show a realistic result in a complete set of extensions. Through our web site and social media, future patrons will be able to see that Yes, they too can wear eyelash extensions!

Welcome to the EyeDeux Team!

Eye Deux is excited to announce the newest addition to our family- Latifah DeNully.


Latifah, an experienced freelance makeup artist and owner of Simply Beautiful, is now available for our lash clientele. As a Certified XtremeLashes stylistt, Latifah is ready to enhance the natural beauty of Hampton Roads women.

Here is a little background information about Latifah. A Virginia Beach resident, she graduated from Tidewater Community College in 2010 and is currently a senior at Norfolk State University majoring in Psychology with licensure in Special Education/k-12.

We are excited about the new talent that has entered Eye Deux and hope that you welcome Latifah as well! You may schedule eyelash enhancement and makeup application appointments with Latifah at the Virginia Beach Studio.

More Reasons to Wear Eyelash Extensions

Sharing this story and set of pictures for several reasons…..

We must not assume the reason/s a person decides to get eyelash enhancements. Besides the obvious reason of wanting to look good, some choose eyelash enhancements to correct or disguise an issue. For example, alopecia, hyper thyroid, overly curly lashes, changing the eye shape, recovering from chemo therapy…..

This lady was referred to our Studio by her stylist in Florida. She was not wearing the same brand yet was told to use the XtremeLashes Directory! EyeDeux and many other studios are thankful for a directory for traveling Lash Addicts to know they have a Certified stylist in the area to help them. I encourage fellow stylist to “get to know each other” near and far so in the event a client needs to travel, they have a second home to go to.


During consultation I noticed one eye had less lashes than the other, my initial assumption was from sleeping. (I favor my left side during nap time so I tend to lose extensions faster on the left). Well this was not the case for her. Regardless of the reason, which for her privacy I will not share, these eyelash extensions are a major benefit to her. She can continue her very active lifestyle of outdoor activities without worrying about mascara.


Another reason I am sharing these pictures are to show that not everyone can get 100+ extensions per eye! This is important for future eyelash enhancement clients to see. There are so many brands advertising their extensions by using the most full set of natural lashes they can find. (Go ahead an do a search for XtremeLashs, NovaLash, LavishLash, Ardell, JB Cosmetics, etc) How many times have you, the stylist, or you the customer heard or want “that look”. We must realize that everyone’s eyes and lashes are NOT the same. In first picture above, the young lady is not able to get the full set of extensions to look like the Kardashians using the semi-permanent extensions. She may be able to get the look using another type of enhancement but these extensions are best for her natural lashes LONG TERM!


The Great Gatsby Eyelashes

False eyelashes have made its way to national news again.

This made me pay even more attention to women on tv/film and their eyelashes….


In The Great Gatsby, the leading women are all wearing CLUSTERS or STRIP false eyelashes. There is a major difference from what Ms Chenowiths had on. The clusters were applied to ENHANCE their eyes, not to overshadow them. Makeup Artist Maurizio Silvi applied her lashes each day. (Which means she was able to remove them daily)

I also noticed cluster lashes in the movie Oblivion…great job to that makeup artist/lash stylist.


They attached a few clusters(or what some may call individual lashes) between her natural lashes.

Ladies false lashes may not be for everyone yet they can definitely be seen everywhere!

Questions About Kristen Chenoweth’s Eyelashes

As a certified lash stylist and LashLover I was quite disturbed to hear/see the news about Kristen Chenowiths’ eyelashes. My thoughts….

Who applied them? And are they CERTIFIED and/or TRAINED to apply false eyelashes to the public?

Did Kristen advise the lash technician of any allergies BEFORE getting these false lashes applied?

What type of false eyelashes were applied? (From pictures I am guessing the clusters, which would explain why they look so thick and heavy)


Ladies, BEFORE you allow someone to work around your eyes, please research more about the technician, their work (proof is in the pictures!) and training. You only get one set of eyes…..

At the Eye Deux Studios, we do apply the cluster, or individual lashes. Here is the difference:


The lashes are attached to the lashes, not to the skin. The lashes are not weighing down the eyelids or interfering with vision.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, check out Eye Deux!

Happy 5th Anniversary Eye Deux

It gives me great joy to announce that The month of April marks the Fifth Year Anniversary of Eye Deux, Inc.

Eye Deux, previously named Lashes by Toya, LLC was established in April 2008. Applying eyelash enhancements (strip lashes and clusters) as additional income in the back of a JC Penny’s salon quickly turned into a business. Constant growth in clientele and service offerings created the need for more space (and privacy), which required us to move to a new location in Virginia Beach. Currently Eye Deux has a private studio located at 429 S. Witchduck Rd, Virginia Beach,VA 23462 and a sister-studio in the Oyster Point area of Newport News.

Thank you to all of the beautiful women and men who have come through our doors, you’ve contributed to EyeDeux’s success. We have shared laughter and tears, births and homegoings, great naps(those who get an eyelash enhancement service get to really enjoy these) and valuable learning ah-ha moments.

Thank you to all of the family, friends and supporters of Eye Deux who have not had the chance to come into our Studios but have referred wonderful clients to us. Referrals and word-of-mouth has been our major advertisement since day one.

Looking forward to the next 5+ years and expansion of the Eye Deux brand!

Getting through Allergy Season

Yes Ladies & Gents, it’s that time again. Spring has sprung and allergy season is blooming. Watery eyes, scratchy throats, runny noses, sneezing, nasal congestion…how are we Lash Lovers to deal with all of this?!


Keep your eyelash extensions dry-have tissue on hand. If you must use eye drops, be sure the drop go directly into the eye. Be careful not to rub or pat too much with the tissue. This will leave cotton fibers on your extensions. Gently dab the corners of your eyes to “catch” the tears.

Avoid rubbing your eyes-this is when your medicine may be a huge help. IF your lash line (the area where your natural lashes and skin meet, also where you apply eyeliner), use a clean mascara brush and gently brush that area.

Avoid touching your face! Have you seen the pollen build-up on your cars? We open the car doors and sometimes don’t notice the pollen on the handles.

I have personally stocked up on my over the counter meds, I love my purple XtremeLashes extensions and want to keep them looking as fabulous as I can during this season.

How do you, who wear faux lashes cope with the allergies?