Nufree Hair Removal, not the typical Wax

Why did EyeDeux choose Nufree Nudese Hair Removal system?

100% botanical (no chemicals, no sugar, no WAX)
Bonds to the hair, 75% less painful
Removes entire hair, root, bulb and shaft each time, no stubble
Liquified at body temperature (less likely to cause a burn since its the same temperature as your body)
It’s odorless
Can be used on 98% of the body
The only antibacterial, antimicrobial and anhydrous hair removal system
It’s erasable! If an error is made while applying, it can be removed with Erasing Lotion without removing the hair.

How does this compare to most other wax systems?

Most others contain chemical additives
Wax sticks to the skin
Irritation when removing the hairs
Breaks up to 60%
Consistency-can be overheated which can cause 3rd degree burns.
Cannot be used on the entire body (no underarms, no breast hairs)