Eyelash Extensions and the Alternative Non Surgical Eye Lift

What is an eyelid surgery or an eye lift?

“Also known as blepharoplasty, eyelid surgery improves the appearance of the upper eyelids, lower eyelids, or both. It gives a rejuvenated appearance to the surrounding area of your eyes, making you look more rested and awake” –American Society of Plastic Surgeons

This is surgery and the cost ranges $2500-$4500(of course this also depends on your area) . There is a non-surgical eye lift available for the bags UNDER the eyes. This can cost up to $1000. For those who are afraid of surgery or want to save money, eyelash extensions MIGHT be able to help. (This is to help the UPPER eyelids only!)

Here is a young lady who had a “non surgical eye lift” by getting semi-permanent eyelash extensions.


Instead of surgery, she spent less than $500 for a full set of XtremeLashes® eyelash extensions! By strategically placing extensions in the appropriate areas of the eye, the eyes appear lifted, especially towards the outside corners.

If you’re interested, contact your local Certified eyelash technician.


False Lashes Can Change Your Eye Shape

One might be able to change/alter their eye shape with eyelash extensions.

Why? Downward or sloping eye shapes can make a person appear sad or tired. The eyelash technician should be able to identify certain eye shapes and know how to enhance or improve that shape.

Take a look at the picture below….


The placement of certain lengths, curls and diameters throughout the eye changed the appearance of her eye shape. If the technician did not take notice of her eye shape or the extensions to use, then the eye shape would not change and may cause more of a dropping appearance.

The art and beauty of eyelash extensions!

Cluster Lash Placement

The placement of cluster lashes depends on the clients eye shape, the direction of the natural lashes and most importantly, clients comfort!

Most often at the Eye Deux studios, I apply the clusters UNDER and IN-BETWEEN the clients natural lashes. This profile view shows why…..

(Xshort, short and medium cluster lashes were used)

By placing the clusters under and between her lashes, it allows the lashes to have a natural lift. If the clusters were placed on top of her lashes, it would look similar to snuffaluffagus! The adhesive is not clumped up on top giving a more realistic look.

Does it bother the clients eyes? If applied correctly, NO! Very little adhesive is needed, the clients eyes are closed during the entire application (for those who prefer to keep their eyes open, an adhesive with less fumes is highly recommended!). Ladies are able to blink and bat their eyes without irritation.

Now if the person has DOWNWARD pointing lashes, I would suggest placing the clusters on top of their natural lashes. If the clusters are placed under the downward pointing lashes it would pull their lashes down further, creating a sad look.

Full set vs. Partial set Eyelash Extensions

A full set of eyelash extensions means the extensions are placed throughout the entire eye.

(These are semi-permanent extensions)

A partial set of eyelash extensions means ONLY the outside corners of the eye. Why just the outside corners? To give the “cat-eye” effect ­čśë

(These are temporary lashes-clusters)

Both full and partial sets can be achieved with strip lashes*, clusters and semi-permanent extensions.

*strip lashes-some manufacturers make partial strip lashes. If not available, you may use a full strip and cut only the portion needed BEFORE applying to the eye.

Faux Mink Lashes at Eye Deux

We’re excited to announce that the Faux Mink lashes by Xtreme Lashes are now available at both Eye Deux Studios!


What’s the big deal?

“Through research and development with extended focus on beauty, comfort and longevity, these lashes have surpassed industry standards in their consistency, barely there weightlessness and natural appearance, resulting in a beautiful texture much like real eyelashes”.-XtremeLashes

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