Natural Shedding of Lashes

Many times lash stylists are asked if the extensions cause the natural lashes to fall out……after wearing the extensions for several weeks, some may notice extensions come off WITH the natural lash attached.

Your natural lashes, just like the rest of the hair on your body, MUST shed in order to gain new hairs.

This is an example of a natural lash that has shed with the extension still attached. We will put this in the NORMAL column!

A typical cycle of growth for eyelashes is 60-90 days, glad we don’t shed all of our lashes all at once! The relash or fill process for extensions is necessary due to the shedding cycle. New eyelashes are coming in and the old must make room. New extensions are then applied.

Each person hair growth cycle may vary. Want to figure out how slow or fast your hair grows?  A good way to start is to track your hair cuts or hair color retouch appointments 😉


Latex Free Epilating Strips

It was time to reorder some supplies and noticed this from the Nufree shipment…

Does your wax salon/spa use latex free products? If you or know someone that is allergic to latex, consult with your salon/spa BEFORE making that appointment! At the Eye Deux Studios we use the entire Nufree hair removal system.

Sleeping on your Lashes

Sleeping “cute” can be a real major pain in the butt! Trying to save the new hair ‘do or eyelash extensions while enjoying your sleep time can be a challenge if you don’t have the right tools. One of the major causes of premature loss of the eyelash extensions is from sleeping and the lashes being pressed into the pillow.

For your eyelashes, the BEST pillow I’ve used in the awesome travel pillow. Yes the u-shaped travel pillow! This works best for those who sleep on their sides. Personally I’m a left side sleeper…by placing the travel pillow on top of your regular pillow, your lashes have less chance of being pressed into the pillow and becoming twisted or turned into a different direction.

There is another great pillow called “Save My Face” pillow which is mostly recommended after facial surgeries. Its a little extra money out the pocket ($50+). This pillow looks like an “X” and can also be used along with your regular pillow for extra support.

Try one this evening!

Summer Protection

Summer time is here ladies & gents! If you’re wearing semi-permanent extensions we HIGHLY suggest the Xtreme Lashes Protective Coating. This little tube packs some power!

When used twice a week the Protective Coating extends the life of your extensions. It forms a barrier on your lashes which helps to block debris, dust, oil, dirt, perspiration from building up on your extensions.

Another great use, it acts as a hair spray for those lashes (NATURAL and extensions) that may be a little out of control. Apply the Coating to the entire length of your lashes then groom or shape with a clean mascara wand.

Ask your lash stylist to show you how to apply this product before purchasing!

This product is available at all Eye Deux locations…for those who’ve signed up for our Newsletter and special offer is in there for you!!

Contacts or Glasses

I recently read a post by Allure magazine and Xtreme Lashes about lash extensions touching the sunglasses and reading glasses. If you’re wearing eyelash extensions do you continue to wear your glasses or switch to contact lenses? This question comes up a lot in the Eye Deux Studios.

The answers vary for each person. Some may opt for a more natural length so that the extensions won’t touch the glasses at all. Others opt to take off the glasses and put on their contacts instead. (While wearing contacts be careful of any eye drops you have to use)

If you wear glasses all the time, ask your technician to check the distance between your natural lashes and lens with the glasses on. No worries, your new set of extensions wont be hidden. We will still be able to see your extensions beyond the lens.

Personally, I adjust my sunglasses…I love the length of my extensions! Fellow Lash Lovers. do you switch to contacts or continue to wear your glasses?