An Open Book

As a cosmetologist I noticed early in my career that customers LOVE when they’re able to schedule a specific date and time for their appointments. Transitioning from a commissioned salon to my own business I knew I had to follow some of the same format.
For convenience the Eye Deux Studios allow online booking! Ladies and Gents are able to look at the schedule 100 days in advance and choose the day and time that works for them. Our lovely customers are seen by appointment only and we appreciate and value each persons time.
How to schedule an appointment at Eye Deux? Go to the Appointment tab at the under the Eye Deux web site, choose the technician/lash stylist you want to see and then the service(s) you desire. The next screen will show a calendar which you’re able to see what dates and times are available. Once the appointment is made you’ll have the option of receiving a confirmation text and/or email.
Another great benefit is that this online system is accessible from your smartphone! If you’re going to be in our area, go ahead and schedule your appointment today!


Advance Training with Xtreme Lashes

I recently attended an Advance Training class held by Xtreme Lashes in VA. I could not wait to get back to the Studios and practice what I’ve learned this past weekend. I feel it is vital to anyones profession, career and or business to seek continuous education and to implement what they’ve learned. The results are amazing! Increase in retention of clients, more satisfied customers and of course and increase in income.

It’s sometimes an inconvenience to close the Studio doors for more than a day to travel for education yet it so worth it in the end! One of the most rewarding things in the eyelash enhancement business is when a client notices the difference/improvement in your work and they thank you for it. People may ask, why do you take the beginners class(Level 1) training if your already Advance Certified….my response, it’s always great to go back to the basics!

Its been said many times….when you stop learning you stop growing. Licensed/certified professionals, do you continue to take classes to improve your skills? If your business is at a stand still I would highly suggest you search for the next class in your field and attend!