At-Home Lashings :Strip Lashes

At-Home Lashings-Strip Lashes

There are two types of false lashes that can be applied at home by yourself, strip lashes and flares/clusters/tabbs. This post will explain how to apply the strip lashes only.

You should apply the lashes AFTER you have applied your eyeshadow.

Strip lashes are false lashes attached to one single band which the adhesive (glue) is applied. The strip lashes come in several styles, colors, lengths, densities and band widths.
1. Select the style that best fits your eye shape! This is important because you want to accent your eyes, not make them look sad or droopy.
2. Measure the strip lash to your lash line and trim the band if needed. It is best to trim the END of the strip, not the tip towards the inner corner of the eye.
3. Apply a thin layer of adhesive(glue) to the strip band ONLY and let it set for a 30 seconds. Remove any excess adhesive with a toothpick or tip of adhesive tube.
4. Hold the strip lash with the tweezers firmly and place the strip right above your lash line towards the middle first.

Hold for a few seconds then press in the inner and outter corners. You may want to try holding the strip lash with a Lash Tool like the one pictured below from the JaMaal Buster collection.

5. Let the band dry for at least one minute before you use the mascara wand to blend in your lashes or apply mascara.

Now that your eyes are ready, enjoy! This may take some time to perfect yet stay calm, you CAN do it! Remember to remove the strip lashes and the adhesive off the band before going to sleep so you may wear them again another day!


Lashes on the Runway

Austin Scarlett, a fashion designer on Project Runway All Stars asked for the Loreal makeup artists to give his models a “baby doll” look. His request included rosy cheeks and of course noticeable LASHES! Lots of mascara was used (another finalist Michael Costello specifically asked for false lashes).
Here are a few pics of the models in Austin Scarlett’s showcase.

Upclose of one of the models

No More Cotton!

No More Cotton!!

If you’ve said in front of any Eye Deux tech that you’ve been using cotton balls on your extensions you might see us cringe! Lint Free Brushes by Xtreme Lashes are the best cleaning brushes to use on your eyelash extensions.

Cotton, when used on or around the extensions can cause little white fibers to be left behind. This can lead to you not being able to brush through your extensions properly for grooming. The cotton may also make it more difficult to apply other makeup around the extensions such as a eyeliner or eyeshadow. Using q-tips, cotton balls, cotton rounds or just about anything else cotton will also cause premature loss of extensions.
What’s the solution? Lint-free brushes made by Xtreme Lashes. These brushes are soft, angled brushes that feel like cotton but do not leave any fibers behind. These can be used on any type of extensions to keep them clean…especially after applying eyeshadow that may fall onto your lashes.

These small tip angled brushes hold a lot of product, so we at Eye Deux suggest putting a very small amount of your cleaning solution onto one brush then pressing a dry brush against it. This will ensure that your cleaning solution is on both brushes but not too mush to drip into your eye. The angled tip is perfect for getting between the extensions to the base of your lashes, removing all makeup and debris from your lash line.

If using the brushes after applying makeup (but not to remove all of your makeup) use one lint free brush and gently brush the top of your extensions to remove excess eyeshadow.

If you’re in the Hampton Roads area you may stop by to pick up these awesome brushes, they come in packs of 50 count and 100 count at both Eye Deux Studios. Check with your local Xtreme Lash stylist or the XtremeLashes website to get your hands on these today!

Wax My What?!

Wax My What?!

Now that I have your attention, I’m speaking of your underarms! The warmer months are ahead and it’s time to pull out the tank tops, short sleeve shirts and bathing suits. For those who are used to shaving their underarms every other day, I highly suggest using wax.
A friend of mine was telling me about her experience with waxing…sounded great yet I couldn’t get over the fact of putting hot wax under my arms! With a little extra push I decided to give it a try, by myself! Not recommended! I will admit, after removing the first strip I thought there’s no way I can finish the other arm. This first timer was in shock after completing both underarms. It was not the heat from the wax, it was the shock of pulling more than one hair out at a time.
The beauty of this service was noticed days later, smooth underarms with no prickly hairs! After shaving just about every 3-4 days I was in heaven to find there was no hair growing back after FIVE days. Another advantage is that after waxing the underarms instead of shaving, the dark appearance/marks seemed to have lightened up over time. Perfect for those pictures with your arms raised high!
Here’s your little extra nudge, go ahead and try it. Locate a salon or spa in your area that has an experienced licensed/certified wax technician. If you’re in the Hampton Roads area, you can schedule an appointment at the Va Beach Eye Deux Studio.

The Real First 48hrs

The True First 48hrs

The first 48 hours after receiving a new set or a touch up on the eyelash extensions are crucial. The after care instructions that your eyelash tech gave you are important and could determine how long your extensions last.

I can tell you from personal experience that following the instructions makes a huge difference. Some directions may include not to get the extensions wet, no eye makeup(such as eyeshadow, mascara or eyeliner), heavy exercising or sleeping on your stomach. I would even include to watch the temperature when taking a shower or bath and make it quick! Hot water cause mist in the air…which falls onto your extensions. Also, have your hair or facial appointment before the eyelash appointment. The oils, sprays or creams used during those services will interfere with the adhesive.

One of the main reasons for all the do’s and don’ts is because the eyelash adhesive needs time to cure, or set. Following the 48 hour after care instructions give your lashes a longer “life span”. Be good to your lashes! These extensions cost a pretty penny and take time(at least 90 minutes for a new set). There are some other things to do during the weeks you are wearing the extensions that may extend or shorten the lasting power…stay tuned for the next post 😉

Cleaning your Strips!

Cleaning your Strip Lashes

Strip lashes are the only false lashes that can be removed and worn again with the proper cleaning and maintenance. Many adhesives (glue) for strip lashes have laytex and there are a few that are laytex free. Please advise the sales representative or lash technician of any allergies. Also keep in mind the adhesives may contain other ingredients that can cause an allergic reaction.

Removal- gently lift the outer corner of the strip lash and slowly pull the strip UP and towards the inner corner. This should be done with your CLEAN fingers or tweezers.
Cleaning- Gently pinch the adhesive off the BAND. Little pieces at a time is OK, be careful not to pull on the lashes. If there is makeup on the lashes, gently clean with an oil-free makeup remover. You may use a clean mascara brush or wand to brush thru the hairs with the remover and then with cold water. Set aside and let dry overnight. You can put the lashes in its original packaging…if they are still wet, DO NOT CLOSE THE PACKAGE. Putting the strip lashes in it’s original package helps to maintain the curl and style of the lashes, also keeps other debris from getting on the lashes.

Depending on the style, material and brand, these strip lashes range from $2-$200. When the strip lashes are removed and cleaned properly they can be worn several times, I say a great investment!